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Mar 2007

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Default GIMPS people are B-grade super-agents!

I was just watching the movie Hidden Agenda (2001) with Dolph Lundgren in the lead role.
I stopped watching after he stated, that half the people in this forum are using super high-tech agent stuff:

"We're using a Mersenne Prime Algorithm. That makes shadow tracking that much more difficult."
- Jason Price (Dolph Lundgren)

It's followed with a complex plan and a video of the infamous Mersenne Prime algo. plan-thingy.

Just wanted to share this with you :P
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Apr 2007

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I admit ashamed:

I'm using my Mersenne-prime-algol to paint the sky blue in the morning. I got this trick by the famous Dr. Lukas Lehmer.

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Sep 2002
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Dolph's maths and cryptology "knowlogy" is still probably exponentially better than Dan Brown's.

"If his secret Mersenne prime key dies, it does not matter." -- Ivan "Crypto Geek" Drago

In other words, we're going to keep using the super-duper Mersenne prime algorithm, "Ivan" if it kills us.

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