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Default p2p morality

My p2p philosophy is,"If you're worth millions of dollars, aren't a philanthropist, and mostly use your money to buy expensive toys, than suing people for not paying you makes you a bastard, especially when the people you're suing are worth significantly less than you are." Irresponsible poor people complicate the equation, but that's my basic view. Another complication involves the various combinations of privilege and lack thereof.

Warren Buffett is cool, because I've never heard of him screwing anyone, and he's established himself as a philanthropist by giving his money to Bill Gates. Bill Gates is significantly less cool because, even though he's obviously a philanthropist, the way he got a lot of his money(the money that didn't come from Warren Buffet) isn't totally on the up and up, in my opinion. Prince(the short dude, who looks like a woman with facial hair) is super uncool, because he targets people and therefore can't have ignorance as an obvious defense. Donald Trump is very much in the middle, I've never heard of him causing any particular person problems, but has anyone ever heard of him donating to a cause that wasn't also a tax writeoff?

I'm uncool if you include starving Africans in the equation, but I can kind of utilize the ignorance defense, as in,"I've never truly connected emotionally with the amount of suffering they go through." The things in your field of view tend to get the most attention, sad but true. As for my inner circle, I try to be super-cool, I'm loose and fast with my money when it comes to people I care about, more so with people I don't consider moochers.

What are your views?

Edit: I'm not saying illegal p2p is the moral high ground, I'm specifically talking about the people that sue them. The amounts the successful lawsuits obtain is also something that's included in my opinion.

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