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Default Transfer of Assignments

I had a hard drive failure my work computer and received a replacement desktop. The old Prime95 subdirectory is unavailable due to the failure. I installed Prime95 on the new computer and received a new assignment. How can I acquire my other assigned numbers that were on the broken computer?
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Mr. P-1
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It's possible, but it involves some work recreating your worktodo file. Since you've presumably also lost any partially completed test, why not just unreserve your old assignment(s) and work on the new one?
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You will need to insert the assignment lines in your worktodo.txt file.
Both the assignments and the corresponding assignments keys will be needed. Follow the steps below:

Log on to your account.
Go to the "Assignments" page.
Identify the "old" assignments. They shall be still assigned to you, unless your computer broke more than 60 days ago.
To recover the assignment keys, choose Page -> View source (I assume you are using IE); scroll down until you find text strings like sorttable_customkey="XXXXXXXX" align="right">XXXXXXXX&nbsp;<inputtype="checkbox" name="YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" (more stuff follows...).
XXXXXXXX are exponents assigned to you, and for each assignment the "name" string is the assignment key.
Now you can "build" the worktodo.txt lines for each of the assigned exponents.
It is good practice to stop/exit Prime95 prior to editing the worktodo.txt file.
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Thanks, Lycorn. I'll give it a try!
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