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Default Making 10M+ tests factor past 2^68?

Hi everyone,

I just wondered if there was a way to make Prime95 factor 10M+ numbers to 2^69 or 2^70. Sorry if this question has been asked before! I did have a look to see if I could find anything!

Thanks, Mark
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you can use "advancedfactor="

Just have a look at undoc.txt to find out the exact syntax.

I wouldn't suggest using factoroverride because you can't use primenet and factoroverride at the same time. Which means that primenet would probably unreserve your exponent if you tried using factoroverride, but I could be wrong.
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You can use Factor3_2 from It is much simpler, just hit enter after every field.
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Originally Posted by clowns789
You can use Factor3_2 from It is much simpler, just hit enter after every field.
But also much slower.

If you really want to factor to a higher limit, stick with Prime95 if possible
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