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Default Are B1 and B2 values good for large amounts of RAM?

I'm just wondering if the benefit-to-cost formula for picking the right B1 and B2 numbers for P-1 testing becomes worse for much higher RAM amounts.

With 1000MB ram alotted:
B1=405000, B2=10631250
Chance of finding a factor is an estimated 5.56%

With 800MB ram alotted:
B1=405000, B2=10530000
Chance of finding a factor is an estimated 5.55%

I don't know the amount of extra time P-1 would have ran with 1000MB ram allocated, but with the relative chance of finding a factor increasing only 0.18%, I'd think that even a half hour gained is too much.

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I retract what I said. Stage 2 took less than half a day, which means it took an extra 6 minutes or so.

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