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Default Running prime on PC without internet-connection

Hi guys,

Am currently running Prime on a machine not connected to the internet. I setup this Prime on another machine which does have connection. I did not run multiple Prime95's on this machine, but quitted my normal instance. I then setup a new Prime with new username etc. Afterwards I quitted and transferred the whole folder to the internetless PC and had it complete the work. For sending results I transfer the Prime again.
Did that today and it was sending results. However in my account the primenumber isn't cleared. Although the log reads:

UID: ferdy/fab, M25664701 is not prime. Res64: 14C7C0E9xxxxxxxx. Wb1: B6C4E5A2,6199007,00000000
Getting exponents from server
Sending expected completion date for M25726087: Jun 23 2006

Am I missing something here??

Hope someone can help me out as I like to use the internet-less machine too.


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The easiest solution is to get exponents from

Then email your results when you are done.
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Speaking of e-mailing results...I have actually sent in a few during the great server outage of this morning, and also a few in the past week...any idea when those may get put on the record?

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Originally Posted by Prime95
The easiest solution is to get exponents from

Then email your results when you are done.
Ok, I might try that later on. But why isn't the tested exponent added to my account. Prime95 picked up some new work and sent in results but the work done is not processed in my account.

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