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May 2003

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Default switching PC's for same exponent

I'm at the university, and there are several different computers there, which all run the same GIMPS exponent
(they continue where the previous log in ended).

Is this a problem for the final result, i.e., will the result become erroneous, because prime95 had to change from a P4 1700MHz to a dual CPU P3 500MHz and back?... using the same file to continue with?
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I've switched between different computers and even different clients before using the save file with no problem, going from my Celeron laptop running Windows to my P4 desktop running Linux...

The only issue is if one of the boxes was error-prone it would be difficult to track down which one was causing the problems...
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Mar 2003
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I run Prime95 on my campus login account, some days I get a P4 2.6GHz, other days I get a P3 450MHz.

I managed to complete one doublecheck this way, the work was probably spread over more than 20 machines, but it returned a matching result in the end.
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