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Default Firefox 2.0 warning

Beware. I just downloaded Firefox 2.0 and lost all my bookmarks. I'm just starting the process of recovering them.
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I have just upgraded my windows machine and all my boomarks survived just fine. You might want to check %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<Firefox profile name>\bookmarkbackups directory.
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Reinstalling Firefox 2.0 restored the bookmarks.

Scared me for a while. On the plus side, I found the place Firefox saves my bookmarks and backed up the file on another computer.
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if you want top easially backup bookmarks go to bookmarks in firefox then manage bookmarks and then file export.
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Or you can use GMarks:
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It depends on the version of firefox you are running. I highly recommend making a backup file of your bookmarks, also under some conditions you can lose the list of form data that firefox stores. Look for the Formdata file and back it up at the same time you do the bookmarks.
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I upgraded to 2.0 last month, sans trauma.

I've made a habit in the past couple of years of regularly backing up (initially to a separate machine, now to a flash thingie) the following 2 key files:

1) FireFox bookmarks, located in ...->Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{random 8-char string}.default\bookmarks.html

2) Thunderbird address book, ...->Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\{random 8-char string}.default\abook.mab

Doing this via a keychain flash drive also makes it easy for me to keep those settings synched between my home and work PCs.

Interestingly, I noticed while retrieving the path to my FF bookmarks file just now that there appears to be roughly a week's worth of daily auto-backups of that file in the directory ...->Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{random 8-char string}.default\bookmarkbackups. Probably a new feature with 2.0.

(Ah, I see gribozavr already mentioned this, as well.)

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I noticed firefox 2.0 frequently lost my bookmarks temporarily. I got scared the first time but I noticed that restarting firefox brought them back.

This was one of the many reasons I switched back to 1.5.
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