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Default RSA multi factor

i have used the YaFu and entered a N of an RSA and it solved it by giving me back 15 primes... how can i continue from this point on to break the small RSA key that i have ?
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Are you sure you've got the right N? Any good key choice (if not any valid key, if this article's offhand comment is right) will be a semiprime, not consist of 15 primes.

Anyway, once you've got the right number factored, this post from StackOverflow goes into (the mathematical side, not a script or anything) how to calculate the private key. The most important part is this: (d is the private exponent, e is the public exponent, n is the public key, n is semiprime with factors p and q)

d = e^-1 mod phi(n)
  = e^-1 mod (p-1)*(q-1)
(note that if you don't have a semiprime, the phi calculation gets more complicated)

Then you just need to compute that modular multiplicative inverse, convert the number into a usable format (hex?) and use it.

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Sounds like a Teslacrypt infection. You may wish to head over here if that's the case:
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