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Exclamation A brief description of data files

Data for the GIMPS project can be found in two different places:

At the bottom of the Primenet server page you will find links to two files:

The above files are updated hourly.

At the bottom of the GIMPS search status page you will find links to several files:

These files are unzipped to produce LUCAS_V.TXT, BAD, HRF3.TXT, FACTORS.CMP, NOFACTOR.CMP, PMINUS1.TXT

FACTORS.CMP and NOFACTOR.CMP are not directly usable. Instead, you must download and run it:

decomp -f 1 100000000
decomp -n 1 100000000

to produce the files "factors" and "nofactor" respectively. These files are very large.

There are also two other files:

The above files are updated more or less weekly.

A broadband (high-speed) connection is recommended for downloading these files.

Note: if you download the files and then later wish to download updated versions, you may need to clear your browser cache first. Otherwise your browser may do a quick fake "re-download" of the cached version.

The purpose and contents of these files will be described in the following message(s).

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Default Re: A brief description of data files

Originally posted by GP2
These files are in a fixed-width format that is not necessarily convenient for data manipulation, and include a lot of non-data lines (header, footer, column headings).

It is convenient to convert these files into comma-separated form similar to BAD, LUCAS_V.TXT and HRF3.TXT.

It's also convenient to split them into separate files for factoring and for LL. Thus we end up with:


Some Perl commands and scripts can accomplish the above (see attachment). Perl is useful because it's available for both Linux and Windows.

Edit: modified to handle the rare case of DF in status.txt in old historical files.
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