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The oldest drive I have in use right now is a 2TB Hitatchi (before they renamed to HGST) with 86000 hours on it and not a single error. I did retire it, but then I un-retired it for Chia.
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Usually the contrarian, haha...
I really do like Seagate portable drives (like the Slim, and the series). The main reason I like them better than their competitors (like Toshiba or the locally made WD which had a lot of advertising in the past years since they opened the factory in Bangkok), is the fact that they contain a "normal format" disk inside. Yeah, I know this is quite "geeky" and not the thing normal user looks for, but I "randomly" bought few portable disks some years ago and found out some of them (different brands) are "beating" (in speed, transfer rate, etc) the usb adapters our factory was producing at the time (for a third party customer; we do not make HDDs, but recently we started making SSDs for industrial use, again, not our design), so I was curious what ICs they use and how they made the USB interface, therefore I opened them. Then I found out that, as opposite to WD's Passport line and few others, which have a single PCB on which the HDD and all circuitry is attached (i.e. they created an "all in one", "custom" hard disk effectively, obviously for miniaturization reasons), the Seagate was using just a normal, internal HDD, and had a USB-to-SATA adapter, separate, on a very small PCB.

Guess what? I bough few more Slims, and ever since, the HDDs and the adapters live separate lives. The HDDs were inserted into different computers and laptops around the house, to be used as backup disks, or even as system disk, while the adapters, few were destroyed in the "investigation process" , but I still keep few, which work extremely well as usb-to-sata adaptors for any other disks that I happen to need to plug into the computer without turning it off. They even work with 3.5 inch disks (which require more power, but still in the USB 3.0 limit).

If I remember in the evening when I reach home, I will put a photo or two.

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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post

If I remember in the evening when I reach home, I will put a photo or two.
Looks like you forgot.
Talking about disk shortages, perhaps this will help from 1981:

For the record, prices did fall shortly after. I distinctly recall buying my 1st PC, 2 or 3 years later for a mere $2k+. It had a 10 MB Hard-disk.
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