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Default Problem with manual assignments


I tried to assign myself the maximum number of manual TF assignments (1000), but my request timed out while generating the worktodo text for me to put in to mfakto's worktodo.txt file. Is there a way for me to download a worktodo.txt file of all my current assignments? I'd estimate around 200 didn't make it here (but it still shows them as being assigned to me)
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Primenet has problems(aka slow) when you request a lot of assignments at once, try doing it in batches (ex. 250 assignments 4 times)
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Next time I will, the problem is though that now I have no way to put the remining 200 or so in without typing them out one by one

Maybe when I've done the first 800 or so in a couple days I'll just check all the boxes and unreserve them all, that's probably the most efficient way I guess?
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IIRC, there are tools to extract the assignments (together with their assignment keys) from your PrimeNet assignment page's html text. Look around here on the forum (someone can point the poor guy to the link? ). A simple "sort" command does the rest (to get rid of duplicates). Or use misfit, misfit is the king here, as it does all the reservations and reports for you. Very handy when you do lots of TF, with one or more GPU's in one or more computers, as it can put all together and manage them from a central place.

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Dabaichi's "Recover Manual Assignments" program

(Perhaps a sticky linking to this program would be advisable?)
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Here is the direct link to Dabaichi's application to extract keys, etc.-

Discussion here:

EDIT: NBT found and posted it first, obviously.

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Thank you very much, guys.
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