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Default Using Phrot For LLRNET Reservations

It should be possible, to get wus over llrnet. Convert them to a phrot readable output, test them, and convert output back to upload them with llrnet, right?
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Originally Posted by thommy View Post
It should be possible, to get wus over llrnet. Convert them to a phrot readable output, test them, and convert output back to upload them with llrnet, right?
In fact I have a script that does this. Essentially, here's how to work it:

-Set WUCacheSize in llr-clientconfig.txt to the desired amount of numbers you'd like to pull down. (For SR5, make sure you can finish this in 21 days; last I heard, that's how long the server will let you keep assigned numbers out before re-assigning them.)

-Run LLRnet. Wait until it downloads all the numbers; as soon as it starts on its first number, stop the client.

-Open workfile.txt. See the first line (i.e. the NewPGen header line)? First of all, save that line in a separate text file later--you'll need it when you're returning your results.

-After you've saved a backup copy of the NewPGen header elsewhere, replace it in workfile.txt with the line "ABC $a*5^$b-c" (or "ABC $a*5^$b+c if you're doing the Sierpinski server).

-Use workfile.txt as input for Phrot. Make sure you run Phrot with the -b=3 and -o command line flags.

-When the range is done, run the file "" in the attached zip file. You'll need to have Perl installed to do this (though Linux users should have Perl available already); run it with the syntax "perl results.out lresults.txt" (where results.out represents your Phrot results file, and lresults.txt represents an LLR-compatible results file that you will be generating.)

-Now that you've converted the Phrot results to manual-LLR results, you can conver them yet again to LLRnet tosend.txt-type results. (Sorry, I don't have a script yet to go directly from Phrot format to LLRnet format.) To do this, use the other file in the attached zip file--"". Run it with the syntax "perl". It will ask you, in turn, to enter the name of the LLR-compatible results file (which you converted in the previous step); the name of the LLRnet tosend.txt file you'd like to generate; and the NewPGen header line that you copied off earlier. Simply copy and paste this in (or type it if you want, though make sure you type it exactly right or LLRnet will reject your results). After you've entered all the needed info, the script will generate a tosend.txt file (or whatever you called it).

-Copy the tosend.txt file to your LLRnet folder. Make sure it's actually named tosend.txt, if it isn't already. Also, make sure that LLRnet is still set to the same server settings as before. (Unless you've used that LLRnet installation for something else in the meantime, this shouldn't be a problem.)

-Open a terminal window and run "./llrnet -1". (On Windows this would just be "llrnet -1", though I'm not absolutely positive that the command line flags work on Windows. I tested this on Linux.) LLRnet will then take all your results in tosend.txt, send them to the server (and say "k/n successfully sent to server" if it worked OK--otherwise it will blab on about 'server rejected k/n pair' for each result), and then exit.


Admittedly these scripts aren't quite as polished as they could be; I had originally written them for my own use, and hadn't given much thought to releasing them as of yet.

Hope this helps!

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