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So this is a GMP-ECM success, not a GIMPS success. Congrats also to akruppa who put a lot of work into a specialized stage 2 for Fermat numbers.

Please email me your curve counts when you are done so that the ECM tables can be updated.
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From another thread:

Originally Posted by Andi47 View Post

This year seems to be a very good one for Fermat factors!!
Too true.
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It's about time for a Fermat subforum...
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Congratulations, Mike, and congratulations, Alex! I am truly astounded - no ECM factors of Fermat numbers for over a decade, and then, four within nine months, with the last three within two months! I notice a trend of these showing up a bit on the "late" side, i.e., after the recommended number of curves at the given digit level have already been run, except for the factor of F14. Probably just a coincidence, but it certainly shows that persistence pays off.
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Do you guys take into account the factors found @ ?

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In this website page:

12 1187 2010 Different anonymous provers
Shouldn't the number of digits be 1133?
It is updated correctly with
F12 = 114689 · 26017793 · 63766529 · 190274191361 · 1256132134125569 · 568630647535356955169033410940867804839360742060818433 · C1133

Then, why within that
Composite cofactors of Fermat numbers Fm
F14 is left over?
Because of the fact that it is too trivial to prove that by using the Fermat's Little Theorem?
Similarly, much easier is the case for F12?

Either F12 should be left over within that section
or that number of digits should be correctly updated up to be 1133, right then?
Thus, it should not be incorrectly written up as 1187 digits at all, even especially with the year of proving that the cofactor of F12 is composite as 2010, at all. thus

Last fiddled with by Raman on 2010-03-28 at 13:28
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Congratulations to Michael on this amazing find!

I have recently spent a large portion of my computer resources on F12 as well (over 1800 curves with B1=260M) and reading about this new factor truly made me happy!

The recent boom in finding factors of "small" Fermat numbers is almost mind boggling.
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Default A curious entry in results file prime95

does this relate to a factor of F21 or F12 or has my computer had some bizzare error.

[Mon Mar 29 04:35:02 2010]
UID: Buckle/NetworkMan, F21 completed 3 ECM curves, B1=3000000, B2=300000000, Wd4: 244338EA, AID: 3DF716298AB5D181BA2E552234F828AC
ECM found a factor in curve #1, stage #1
Sigma=2333235840349316, B1=3000000, B2=300000000.
UID: Buckle/NetworkMan, F12 has a factor: 396532184444319600058061052745788134326273, AID: 3DF716298AB5D181BA2E552234F828AC
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396532184444319600058061052745788134326273 = 26017793 × 63766529 × 190274191361 × 1256132134125569

These are all known factors.

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A correction to my previous post: The recent factor of F22 was not "late", but right on time. The factors of F12 and F19 seem to have shown up a bit late.
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Nice result. Congratulations.
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