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Default Interesting memory expansion card

It appears to work natively in Linux and requires a Xeon processor.
…the Ultrastar memory drive executes directly on the hardware, below the operating system, and creates a hybrid system memory from DRAM and NVM. This hybrid system memory operates transparently as volatile system memory, as if it were all DRAM.
It isn't super fast, but it is a lot better than a swap file! See section 5.1 of the attached user manual for the workload recommendations.
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The section under things it is NOT good at: "Workloads bound by memory bandwidth". As far as I can tell it is essentially some kind of SSD and they only claim 2.2GB/s at 70% read/30% writes. At that point it is probably way cheaper just to buy a bunch of consumer grade SSDs and software stripe across them, assuming the workload supports such.

I still want to have a go at some y-cruncher records, but I'm not feeling so rich these days...
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