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Originally Posted by ewmayer
the Italians are somewhat inconsistent in their use of these o/i singluar/plural combinations. I asked an Italian friend once whether a single long noodle would be a spaghetto and a single paper scrap a confetto, and he told me not to be silly.
I can't agree with you

You can say that Italians have a very low knowledge of gramatics, syntax and morphology (sp?), not to speak of conjuntive forms but never try to generalize some Italian adfirmations, if you don't want to get into troubles

As for your questions, I can assure you that "spaghetto" is the singular of "spaghetti", and that when you order "pasta" then "spaghetti" is considered as a "collective, plural noun". But if you count them, then you can safely say "uno spaghetto, due spaghetti" and so on. The same applies to confetti: when you are invited to a wedding, you receive "confetti" as a whole, but you surely eat "un confetto" at a time if you don't want to look as glutton.

There is even more trouble for us Italians: foreign words are invariable, it means that when used into an italian construct (sentence) they are only masculin singular. We HAVE to say "un bit di informazione" and "50 bit di informazione", "un email" and "tante (=many) email"

Italian grammar is tough and Italian are a lazy people


P.S. sorry for answering here... consider this a spicy answer and cancel it.

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Prime Monster
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No problem ET_. I find the thread interesting, but I would like to get a kind of summary of common wisdom about What is the use of these large primes.

For the people that frequent this forum that is not really an issue, but for non-participants, journalists, /., and other people it would be nice to have a fairly short concise explanation

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