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Jun 2012

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No it is not an especially slow time for my computer but definitely on the high side for a SNFS ~240. Lots of scatter in the ETA vs. SNFS curve though.

Your results show that performance in Linux is better than in Windows. I don't disagree, but I eventually left Linux as I got tired of arm wrestling my machines everytime I wanted to use them...
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Dan Ee
Mar 2013

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I am unable to reproduce the failure. Need more details on how to reproduce.

I tried
D:\Factoring\lasieve4_ivybridge>gnfs-lasieve4I14e.exe -v -a -f 24000000 -c 2000 c189_147_41.txt
gnfs-lasieve4I14e (with asm64): L1_BITS=15, SVN $Revision$
Warning:  lowering FB_bound to 23999999.
FBsize 1506969+0 (deg 6), 2888143+0 (deg 1)
total yield: 3071, q=24002051 (0.09361 sec/rel) ETA 0h00m)
124 Special q, 762 reduction iterations
reports: 34229068->499577->448037->350947->293902->293567
Number of relations with k rational and l algebraic primes for (k,l)=:

Total yield: 3071
0/0 mpqs failures, 2240/2604 vain mpqs
milliseconds total: Sieve 107431 Sched 0 medsched 41680
TD 19527 (Init 77, MPQS 2316) Sieve-Change 118852
TD side 0: init/small/medium/large/search: 2660 217 1398 3785 301
sieve: init/small/medium/large/search: 1248 15476 1039 35173 220
TD side 1: init/small/medium/large/search: 3041 393 1166 3743 383
sieve: init/small/medium/large/search: 1564 16673 942 32846 2250
Content of c189_147_41.txt
n: 205451388964856467807686090421078666750691138189010020165236543387336128283211048921251478839880150378554118455189058228045898855699277369470472121604743428745579798048420314101101241961387
# 147^41+41^147, difficulty: 237.08, anorm: 6.37e+39, rnorm: -1.95e+45
# scaled difficulty: 237.08, suggest sieving algebraic side
# size = 2.485e-12, alpha = -0.188, combined = 2.415e-13, rroots = 0
type: snfs
size: 237
skew: 14.7100
c6: 1
c0: 10131387
Y1: -509111094534718962173411120845918138561
Y0: 1483273860320763
m: 44008401100288010210378427144625977757864842683924464711360809690583398911228987316128214321844953723667341332495287889981170421945600498539914605816457803581780075658984410989729763013655
alim: 48000000
rlim: 48000000
lpba: 31
lpbr: 31
mfba: 62
mfbr: 62
alambda: 2.5
rlambda: 2.5
I also tried running nfs(the number) in yafu and sieving seems to make progress.
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Are you running on a Windows machine? The bug does not seem to occur in Linux.
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Basketry That Evening!
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D:\Factoring\lasieve4_ivybridge>gnfs-lasieve4I14e.exe would certainly seem to indicate Windows
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Unsure about the Windoze port, but the original sievers long ago in the past had the childhood disease of sieving quite poorly when some unwritten rules were violated by a poly. (And it did happen with the automatically generated xyyx polys because of the specificity of the construction.) These unwritten rules were:
1. Y1 > 0
2. |Y1| <= |Y0|
These are easily accommodated for -- one by negating the rat'nl poly, and the other, by flipping both polyns on their heads (i.e. swap all poly indices cj, Yi :: i,j for deg side-i). You may want to try that.

EDIT: another, unrelated hunch to try in parallel. Because 147 happens to be 3*72, one can try to lower the skew by leaving 74 out (that is do over-multiply the algebraic poly by 3 but not by 72; leave coeffs as 7^4*x^6 + 3*41^3*y^6, and m=x/y (or y/x as the case may be, I haven't pulled out a napkin to play; this, here, is the napkin ...and its margins are too narrow). Or 3^5*x^6 + 41^3*7^2*y^6 (less likely to be useful)

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