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Jul 2014

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Default windows forgets


can anyone think of reasons why windows might be running some tests and have prime95 in the startup folder and even though the machine isn't switched

off by the user since prime95 started, later on the machine is found and prime95 isn't running.

Then prime95 is restarted but has no record of the tests it was doing?

My best guess is that the tests it forgot about didn't get far enough to record
the details of the tests in files in the prime95 folder.
Is this possible?
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- P95 starts from a different folder, or it does not have writing rights? (to save the status and checkpoints when interrupted)

- P95 installed in Program Files? (as opposite to some own folder, out of system folders)? By default, in windoze, unless you played with the rights, non-admin users can not write in the Program Files.

- other (can be some more)
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Jul 2014

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how would I know if prime95 hasn't got writing rights?

prime95 is in a folder C:\folder
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Since you start Prime95 as a user the folder c:\folder you as a user must have modify rights on that folder. To check open c:\ in the windows explorer right click on the folder c:\older and ask for Properties, there you will find the security tab.

Another thing that could go wrond is if you do not have a shortcut to c:\folder\Prime9(.exe in your startup folder but to something else (it might even ba a copy of the program...)

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Jul 2014

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I found a box I had to tick which unblocked some things due to prime95 being downloaded.

Still the program has been running a while and there is no extra files in the folder prime95 is in.
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Jul 2014

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Default news

Is it actually possible to put files at C:\ on win10 without signing in to the OneDrive

I think prime95 is in the Downloads folder.
It's been running well since a couple of days ago but it still hasn't written any files in its folder.
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