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View Poll Results: Should we have a "Buy/Sell" forum?
0, I am not currently running gimps, there is no client for my PDA. 3 1.29%
1, I believe GIMPS is a good use of my time, but am not so in to it as a hobby. 21 9.05%
2-3, I have a small home network, or have my home and work machine on gimps. 23 9.91%
4-6, I have a small network at home/a few machines at work I admin. 22 9.48%
7-15, It is an obcession, true, but one I dreadfully enjoy. This is my mark on history. 14 6.03%
16+, I have the warmest apartment/have access to a large number of business or school-lab computers. My(coworkers/students) enjoy that they are making a difference and history. 20 8.62%
C 2 0.86%
D 6 2.59%
A 7 3.02%
B 3 1.29%
E 3 1.29%
F 3 1.29%
G 6 2.59%
H 1 0.43%
I 1 0.43%
Yes! Subforums are a great idea! 7 3.02%
No! I like thing the way they are! 12 5.17%
Yes! 8 3.45%
No! 10 4.31%
There are other projects? 5 2.16%
10 1 0.43%
20 1 0.43%
25 13 5.60%
50 9 3.88%
100 2 0.86%
All of them (!) 4 1.72%
Yes, I have a lot of junk^H^H^H^Hcool stuff to sell! 9 3.88%
No, it would just create a lot of problems! 16 6.90%
Voters: 232. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2002-10-21, 00:12   #1
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Aug 2002

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Default Do we need a "Buy/Sell" forum?

I've been asked several times in email about this... I can see where it might be a good idea, but there is potential for it to turn into a nightmare...

This poll will run for three days...

Any thoughts?
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Old 2002-10-21, 02:26   #2
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Sep 2002

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Methinks that it'd just cause all sorts of problems in the few transactions that didn't go through smoothly. My first reaction is that it'd be a good idea, but upon further reflection, I'd feel more comfortable dealing over ebay anyway. When that one shipment doesn't come, is it because it got lost in the mail, or was it never shipped... I'd like to see as little conflict within the project as possible.
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Old 2002-10-21, 03:32   #3
Aug 2002

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I had the same thoughts on the matter as Deamiter, so I voted no. Of course, anyone could already start such a thread in another forum (such as "Hardware") so there's really no way to prevent it.

If you do end up starting a forum for it, I suggest you title it "Caveat Emptor". :?
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Old 2002-10-21, 06:10   #4
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Sep 2002

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It could very well work to encourage it in the hardware forum, I'd like to see what people want to get rid of... But if you are obviously sponsoring it in a forum, then you'll get no end of complaints...
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Old 2002-10-21, 13:44   #5
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Aug 2002

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It's our biggest problem at my Camaro/Firebird club website that I'm a moderator on. We spend oodles of time trying to straighten out bad sales, even though we explicitly say "at your own risk, buyer beware, etc".
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Old 2002-10-21, 20:04   #6
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Oct 2002
Lost in the hills of Iowa

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3 days is rather short for a poll.

I would have voted "no" primarily 'cause we don't really have enough folks that hang out in these forums to make a buy/sell forum viable - IMO.

(Edit) Ah, the poll came up this time, so I could vote "no".

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Old 2002-10-24, 06:02   #7
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Aug 2002

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After talking with several people via email, and after taking this poll into consideration, I think we should, for now, avoid "For Sale!" posts...

The issue that made this decision easy for me was reading this...

I never even thought about most of those issues...

In the future, maybe we'll have a motivated person who wants to implement this, but I am not up to it personally...

Linking to good deals (That are relevant to GIMPS!) in the hardware forum is okay... You might even be able to link to your own deals if you ask for permission first... If even that is a bad idea, please let me know...

Thanks for voting!
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