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View Poll Results: How much faster is your fastest GIMPS machine than your first?
0, I am not currently running gimps, there is no client for my PDA. 3 0.93%
1, I believe GIMPS is a good use of my time, but am not so in to it as a hobby. 21 6.50%
2-3, I have a small home network, or have my home and work machine on gimps. 23 7.12%
4-6, I have a small network at home/a few machines at work I admin. 22 6.81%
7-15, It is an obcession, true, but one I dreadfully enjoy. This is my mark on history. 14 4.33%
16+, I have the warmest apartment/have access to a large number of business or school-lab computers. My(coworkers/students) enjoy that they are making a difference and history. 20 6.19%
C 2 0.62%
D 6 1.86%
A 7 2.17%
B 3 0.93%
E 3 0.93%
F 3 0.93%
G 6 1.86%
H 1 0.31%
I 1 0.31%
Yes! Subforums are a great idea! 7 2.17%
No! I like thing the way they are! 12 3.72%
Yes! 8 2.48%
No! 10 3.10%
There are other projects? 5 1.55%
10 1 0.31%
20 1 0.31%
25 13 4.02%
50 9 2.79%
100 2 0.62%
All of them (!) 4 1.24%
Yes, I have a lot of junk^H^H^H^Hcool stuff to sell! 9 2.79%
No, it would just create a lot of problems! 16 4.95%
6 months 3 0.93%
1 year 18 5.57%
5 years 33 10.22%
10 years 4 1.24%
never 1 0.31%
~1x 1 0.31%
~4x 6 1.86%
~16x 9 2.79%
~64x 8 2.48%
>256x 8 2.48%
Voters: 323. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2002-10-29, 05:19   #1
Ethan (EO)
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"Ethan O'Connor"
Oct 2002
GIMPS since Jan 1996

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Default POLL: Speed Ratio of your first GIMPS box to your fastest :)

Glad to see there's a GIMPS forum now (I'm a little slow on the uptake...). I thought I'd run a quick poll to get some perspective on how far this project (and PCs) have come. That is...

How much faster is your fastest GIMPS machine than your first GIMPS machine? The calculator at the top of is helpful for figuring this out. Leave the test exponent as the default, or whatever :D
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Old 2002-10-29, 05:32   #2
Xyzzy's Avatar
Aug 2002

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486DX/100 = 107,389 hours... P4/2400 = 191 hours...

~562x faster...
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Old 2002-10-29, 05:52   #3
Deamiter's Avatar
Sep 2002

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Wow that's ancient! I'm young enough that I don't remember a time when a 486 was good for much more than a doorstop, but then again, Í AM only 19... My first was a 333
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Old 2002-10-29, 05:58   #4
Xyzzy's Avatar
Aug 2002

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I'm only 32, but my first was < 1MHz...

I actually had more fun back then too...
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Old 2002-10-29, 06:07   #5
adpowers's Avatar
Sep 2002

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I'm 16 and I used a 486 for more than a doorstop. Like playing SimCity and Chip's Challenge... good times... Anyway, I didn't get into GIMPS until we got a PII 233. However, before GIMPS, it ran SETI@Home for like a day (I didn't even wait for one WU to be completed). After SETI came dnet which I had on for quite some time, but I eventually got bored of that (there was no point of it) and installed Prime95. I have been on Prime95 ever since :). Now I am on a P4 2328 (about 20 times faster).

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Old 2002-10-29, 12:10   #6
ET_'s Avatar
Aug 2002
Team Italia

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I started factoring with a 486/100 and LL-testing with a Pentium 90.
Now I have a XP 2100+ (qand many other machines) and live happy in peace. :-D

Not quite true... I started with a Pentium 133 with 1,523,xxx, and added the 486/100 at office (under Win3.11) after a while.

Why didn't you add a "~128x" choice?

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Old 2002-10-29, 15:40   #7
Paulie's Avatar
Aug 2002

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I think I was running an IBM processor, a rebranded Cyrix somewhere in the 133 range. I remember getting an Email from George saying that it was a horrible CPU to use for LL tests, but I told him I was willing to suffer. :)

It was about a few months later that he said to give Primenet a try for auto assignments instead of email.

So, using 486/133 as the benchmark for 1580000, I went from 64 days, 15 hrs, 28 minutes to my current P4/2.4G Northwood of 4 hours, 34 minutes.
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Old 2002-10-29, 16:57   #8
whilden's Avatar
Aug 2002

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If you had that much fun with them I have a few 486machines sitting in the basement and some very low class pentiums (under 100mhz) you could have. lol

Only 32, jebus am I the only one that thought you were in the 60's! Must be tht no job thingy that got me. lol

Anyways my slowest machine running prime right now is a 300mhz (many machines still under that but there not worth my effort) my fastest is just a P4 2ghz but I have 11 of them crunching for me.
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Old 2002-10-29, 18:06   #9
Deamiter's Avatar
Sep 2002

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60? I don't know ANYONE over 40 who's dedicated enough to computers and the internet to moderate a forum on a site like this. If xyzzy was 60, he'd have to be a technical genius from the Gates era...
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Old 2002-10-29, 18:13   #10
outlnder's Avatar
Aug 2002

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Uhh, err, well I don't know about that one. I am 48 and have a 15 machine farm.
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Old 2002-10-29, 20:32   #11
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Sep 2002

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hrumph... um... yeah... as I chew on my foot, let me just say that when one is running on 2 hrs of sleep, they're prone to see the world in a very different light. Um... now that I think of it (and after a good long nap) my dad is a computer programmer going on 50. ops: hmmm.... I'll try to limit my posts to times when I've had a relatively normal sleep cycle in the future...
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