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Default Different B1 & B2 values chosen on P-1 resume

I live in a place where there are occasional power cuts that last some 5 minutes or so. During that time, the P-1 stage 1 pauses and resumes when power is available.

On the particular exponent I am testing now, on resuming the P-1 stage 1, different B-1 & B-2 values are chosen.

Prime95 24.14 on a Pentium-M 1.4GHz 1MB L2 cache
Init B1=425000, B2 (can't remember) 5.95%
After Restarting computer B1=435000 B2=8700000 6.05% (only difference was a Server Error 2250 occurred as Internet dialup was not connected before resumption began)
After 1st Power cut B1=425000, B2=8075000 5.95%
After 2nd Power cut B1=425000, B2=8075000 5.95%

There was no change in the memory allocation and I have both day and night values set the same.

I heard that if the values are changed frequently the results of the P-1 factoring maybe inaccurate. Q1: Is this true?

Q2: Why does Prime95 fail to choose the one with a higher chance of finding a factor?

This is the 4th exponent I am testing now. The computer does not have any memory errors or stability issues as of current state.
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