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Orgasmic Troll
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Jul 2003

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Default Expected Completion Date

Since I run Prime95 at work, I can only have the computer on while I'm at work during the week (no evenings, no weekends) which averages out to roughly 6 hours a day that I can run Prime95, and this is the value I put into Options --> CPU, however, my expected completion date under Test --> Status.. seems to estimating how many hours (minutes and seconds) it will take to finish testing and just picking the date and time that many hours (minutes and seconds) in the future, regardless of the time I put in per day. Am I smoking something and just seeing things or is it just not taking that into account?
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Please give us an example. And stat your hardware specs.
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Orgasmic Troll
Cranksta Rap Ayatollah
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Jul 2003

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At this moment, I have about 17,320,000 iterations to go and I'd say I'm averaging about .3 sec per iteration (it's probably a skosh less, but I'm roughly gauging anyway)

so by that estimate, I have 1443 hours and 20 minutes left, which is about 60 days. 60 days from now is Sep 16th and my expected completion date is September 10th.

If the expected completion date took into account that I'm only working on it 6 hours a day, it would say I'm going to finish in about 240 days, which is around March 15th

My CPU info is

Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor
CPU speed: 996.71 MHz
L1 cache size: 16 KB
L2 cache size: 256 KB

as this is a company computer and not mine, I don't know much else about it
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Feb 2003

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I've noticed the same thing with a portable - the estimated completion date appears to assume that the computer runs 24/7 no matter what 'hours per day' is set to.

P4 Mobile 1.60GHz
L1: 8Kb
L2: 512Kb
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Apr 2003

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Yes, I noticed the same behavior.
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