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Default exponent factored?

Is there a way to find out if a particular mersenne number has had factoring done on it? With the number I'm currently almost done P-1 testing, it went straight to the P-1 test, it didn't do factoring before like usual.
If you need to know what exponent the mersenne number has and there's nothing wrong with me saying it, ask and I'll post it.

Thanks in advance,
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If you got a number from Primenet, it will have been trial factored to at least some level. If someone else has taken it up to the level which the program expects (George has figured out how far it makes sense to trial factor a number), then it goes to P-1, if that has yet to be done. If P-1 has been done, it goes straight to L-L. The info that Primenet passes to your machine will tell it the important things.

This all assumes that you didn't do anything fancy to your settings. (Like manually editing files).
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If you are testing the number you can look in worktodo.ini. E.g. that file on the computer I am writing this on looks like
The "67" means that it has been trial factored to 67 bits depth, and "1" that is has had P-1 done.

For a number you are not testing, you need to download the file (look at page ). Or if you want to know about that. You will also need
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