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Default CPU page request
  • The sorting is not working. I think someone mentioned this already somewhere.
  • Can the date be displayed in a sortable format? Even when I convert this table to Excel, it still can't sort on the date/time because the month is in three letter format. I realize this makes it more human readable.
  • Can the date that the computer joined gimps also be displayed? From there we can calculate "GhzDays per day".

I manage 37 machines and I use this report to identify machines that are underperforming and determine what the problem is.


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I was one that reported this earlier....
I only wish I had 37 PCs though

By the; way if 6 are blue what color are the other 31

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Sorting now works for most columns -- dates still need work.
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THANKS! This really helps those of us with lots of computers to monitor.
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