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Jul 2011

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Default I'd like to know why akruppa threatened to ban me for 2 months

I received a private message from someone named "akruppa" who threatened to ban me for 2 months. I have no idea WTF he is talking about in his email.

I work for the U.S. Government, and he mentioned something about "products" in his message to me.

What products? A discontented U.S. population? Better roads? Worse health care?

Does anybody know who this guy is and what his problem is?
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We have no idea what Alex's message said, but it is common knowledge amongst the super moderators that you used the same registration IP address as LiquidNitrogen and you continue to use that same IP address with both accounts. That is certainly an offense worthy of a ban. Spamming links is as well.

We think Alex is being very considerate and lenient to you.

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I warned you some time ago, when you were using LiquidNitrogen as your nick, that further plugs of your products would get you banned. You posted several more under your alt. I sent a warning by PM to you, but your reply was so bloody stupid that I just went ahead with the ban. See you in 2 months at the earliest.

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What did he advertise anyway? Please tell me or at least give me a Google link.
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