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Aug 2002

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Default Ph4rM Pr0n!!!

That is right this will be a thread for the hot rods and stripped out rigs that we happen to be crunching on.

Some rules.

No actual pr0n. Really.

Link to a site that you have permission from, or your own site. No stealing bandwidth.

Only post one picture. Link to the rest. Some people are on dialup. Please be courteous.

Unless specified, any picture posted is the sole property of the poster. The GIMPS board is not responsible for permission to repost pictures. Get the info from the poster please. Use a PM.

Have fun looking at all the pictures!!
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Prime Monster
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Aug 2002

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This thingy, called the Prime Monster, has 12 CPUs @ 27150 MHz (approximately) and 6GB of ram 8)

and a lot more pictures here
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Aug 2002

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Aug 2002

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Tasuke nice pic of the work in progress, I saw that over at [H] as well and was waiting for you to show your Ars/Prime buddies! lol

Xyzzy - things that are true are always what make jokes funny! You still are running on that 486 correct?

I would like to see outlnder's pic's!!
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Aug 2002

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OK, ya talked me into it. ops:

This is not exactly how I wanted it to be set up, but beggars can't be choosers.

The top 5 machines on the rack.

The next 6 machines.

The 2 older machines on the second rack.

And a fuzzy pic of the full rack.

8 months ago , it looked like this.
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