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Jun 2003
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Default 1 of April!

Today is a day of all the fools and mathematicians!
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Mar 2003
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Yes. A sad day in germany.
Our administration decided to implement the Omniscience Protocol 2 hours ago and even wants to restict the use of avian carriers for P2P activities.
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Bemusing Prompter
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Dec 2002

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Default April 1, 2004

Whoa, I've heard that some scientists discovered a Mersenne prime with over 16M digits!

And here it is!

The exponent is....

April Fools! Gotcha!

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Mar 2004

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Its april fools day? damn.. I thought it was st. Patty's.. I had my green on and everything.
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Aug 2002
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Yesterday, NPR reported an announcement by the U.S. Postal Service that it will implement ZIP Code Portability. Similar to the FCC's recently-introduced phone-number portability, whereby someone switching from line service to cell-phone service, or from one cellular provider to another, can retain their current telephone number, Zip Code Portability will allow people who move anywhere within the U.S. to retain their same ZIP+4 Codes (if desired). So those who manage to achieve some prestigious ZIP Code like 90210, or certain codes in Manhattan, for example, may continue to use those prestigious codes even after a change in fortunes forces them to move to some less-desirable area.
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It seemed to me that April Fools content was much more prevalent this year.
Maybe it was me just paying closer attention.
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"Gang aft agley"
Sep 2002

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snopes' collection of this year's on-line April Fools' jokes
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Hah! you tried to hide that "April Fools" message from everyone that using LOW resolutions, but i have MY resolution thrown all the way up to...(attempting lie ) 8192 by... 6144 .
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