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Default Can I cleanly stop mprime on Linux?

Is there a way to cleanly stop mprime, such that it writes what it needs to disk, then exits? I can obviously send a kill -9 to stop it, but that's not clean.
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Check out this thread (I found it by googling "mprime gracefully shutdown"
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If you start mprime with the -m option, the menu is always active, even days later and while in the middle of the test. So, just type 4 and press enter to stop the test, then type 5 and press enter to exit mprime.

EDIT: Or, if you forget the menu option numbers, you can display the menu by just pressing enter.

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I usually just use 5 alone. That stops the running workers and saves progress before exiting. 4-<Enter> doesn't work if there are workers that aren't running.
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mprime should create save files if you kill it (not kill -9)
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Pkill mprime
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mprime will respond to Ctrl +C from what I remember.
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Run top and press k (and kill the pid with SIGTERM?),

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