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Oct 2002

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Default Error 1

I can't connect to PrimeNet any longer, neither via LAN (connected to university), nor via modem: "Primenet error 1"

The FAQ says something about httpnet.dll or rpcnet.dll, but I have neither file, not even after upgrading IE from 5 to 6.
I use Win2k SP3


EDIT *arg* ... (search function is nice if it is used :) )
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Aug 2002

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The server is down again. I'm just waiting...
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Aug 2002

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Default Re: Error 1

Originally Posted by alexnoe
The FAQ says something about httpnet.dll or rpcnet.dll, but I have neither file...
Those files come with Prime95, not with any MS product. I don't believe rpcnet.dll is needed any longer but you will need httpnet.dll, which should be in the Prime95 directory.
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P90 years forever!
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Aug 2002
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Version 22 needs neither rpcnet.dll or httpnet.dll.
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Oct 2002

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I have one more exponent to test, and this will last one week. Then the server is to be online again ;)
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Dec 2002

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Default V22 Update

Well, V22 may not need the DLLs, but the update to V22 utterly killed Prime95 on my machine. :(

With V21, I had no errors, and no faults. Immediately after my update to V22, Prime95 started reporting "Primenet Error 1". I know that V21 worked with my OS, IE, etc. So what happened? I luckily just obtained new factors prior to my upgrade so I have about 3 weeks of work cached.
However, at this point V22 of Prime95 seems utterly unable to communicate with Primenet despite that this was the ONLY change made in hardware/software. Something is screwed up with V22.

OS - Windows XP Pro
IE - Version 6.0
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Aug 2002
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I guess the trouble is on the server, Scout.

V22.12 worked just fine on my machines.

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Joe O
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Aug 2002

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Post hoc ergo propter hoc
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Dec 2002

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I hope so, but it doesn't seem to take the least amount of time before the error pops up. Almost as if it is an internal error rather than net based.

One thing left to try however.
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Sep 2002

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Scout, the program is set to retry contacting the server every so often, 1 minute I think.
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Oct 2002
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Prime defaults to (IIRC) trying to connect to the server once an hour - but it does that as one of the FIRST things it does when it starts up.

Server has been real flaky the last couple weeks or so - up for a day or two, then down for a day or two.
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