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Originally Posted by retina View Post
Show your mathematics.

Do you have any?

I had an euphony and so I wrote the stats down on paper then used the computers calculator to run the averages its sound.
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Originally Posted by ONeil View Post
... its sound.
Prove it. Show us.
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Originally Posted by ONeil View Post
I had an euphony
You had a what?! You should get that checked out by a doctor; could be serious.
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You want to use statistics? OK, sounds good. What statistical distribution do mersenne primes follow? That's a basic math fact, one you would need to know before you try applying any statistical principles or analysis to predicting mersennes.

It seems you're trying to use fancy words for which you aren't quite sure of the meaning. An average isn't statistics- that's 5th grade. Show you're smarter than a 5th grader.
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I have better way to select which exponents n have to be tested and which not (pseudocode):
if isprime(n) then 
   if n<(about)58M 
      don't bother, it was already tested by GIMPS
   else if n<(about) 150M
      test it
   else if n<(about) 332M
      it is not worth to waste your time, and there is no eff prize for it
      claim it is prime and some sucker on the forum will test it for you
      you may try your luck, maybe you can get the eff award
   it is composite, don't bother

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