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Aug 2002

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Default Itanium 2

Just curious and maybe this has already been answered somewhere that I haven't looked, but what would the numbers look like on an Itanium 2 be and what would the benefits of 64-bit processing be?
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Sep 2002
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On the Software Forum, look for the thread "64 bit CPUs". Think you´ll find the info you´re looking for.
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I would be mildly supprised if there's more than 1 or 2 Itaniums (much less 2s) that have ever run Prime.

I would *not* be supprised if NONE of them ever have. They're a very low-production CPU, and all of that seems to go into high-end servers/workstations so far in production environments that would NOT be condusive to running "non-productive code".
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