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Default Plot of composites <= C120

We are losing the battle ...
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Originally Posted by sean View Post
We are losing the battle ...
Also there are many 1265~1999 digits probable primes which have not been certified ....
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I'm working on them with spare CPU power. I'm just about keeping 70-80 digits clear, but I'll never reach 120 digits unless I get a quantum computer for Christmas.

I'm also generating certificates for probable primes. But it will take several years to prove them all unless I get a lot of help (just pick ones a few digits up from the start to avoid collisions).

Chris (wishing less junk was being added to factordb)
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Factordb was always going to provide an object lesson in the meaning of the tragedy of the commons.

I am somewhat surprised that the situation is as good as it is. It would be utterly trivial to overflow any plausible amount of storage space factordb uses.

Why on earth should I, or anyone else other than the originator, spend time and effort on crap uploaded by people too lazy to factor small integers for themselves?
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