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Default Finding primes using modular stacking

While I'm fairly intelligent, I don't know a lot of math and only the barest minimum of modular arithmetic, the 'mod 12' clock example is about as far as I've gotten, lol.

But I feel that I have a good ear(eye, whatever) for important concepts, so I have a question:

With the Riesel and Sierpinski problems, the special ks for those numbers basically arise from a convenient 'stacking' of their arithmetic properties when it comes to the equation k*2^n+c, the Riesel for c=-1 and the Sierpinski for c=+1. I was wondering if anyone had considered going 'the other way,' in a sense. I'm not really sure if one would want to find areas(n-values for specific ks and k-values for specific ns) with few low factors, or a lot of low factors, or even what a good definition of 'low' is in this context. I just thought I'd throw that out there for both the amateurs and the experts to chew over.

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Originally Posted by goatboy View Post
While I'm fairly intelligent (...)
But I feel that I have a good ear(eye, whatever) for important concepts, (...)
I have the same problems.
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