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Default Bug? Feature? AND/OR Enhancement Request?

I have a small team of GIMPS computers, some more readily accessible than others. So I thought I would try an experiment: I tried to "Unreserve" an exponent from the assignment list of Computer "B" while sitting in front of Computer "A".

It sort of worked:
1. Computer "A" responded with the standard "Stopping / Starting ..." message. Then when I rechecked my team list of assignments the "Unreserve"d exponent was no longer there.

2. However, Computer "B" did not receive another assignment to replace the unreserved exponent. I checked a few times over the next couple days.

3. 2 days later I was able to get to Computer "B" and noticed it was displaying the error: "Error 3: Exponent not assigned ..." every time it contacted the Primenet server. This exponent was also missing from the Computer "B" worktodo.ini file. I tried manual communication ... same error. I tried adding the exponent back into the worktodo.ini file and unreserving it from Computer "B" ... same error.

Now, I seem to recall from past posts that if I just wait a few days the server will clear up this error ... I can live with that.

My only request would be to know if this is supposed to be a supported feature or something that should not have worked. That is, I would like the ability to do some team maintenance from any team PC. Such as:
- unreserve exponents
- send new expected completion dates
- change work type (LL, DC, Fact)
- change "at least..." days of work
- change frequency of updates
- set vacation
- ... pretty much anything I can do from my own PC I'd like to be able to for any team PC.
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Have you considered remote access software? Maybe some flavor of open source VNC.
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As far as I know all this is covered by the next version of PrimeNet but I am to lazy to find the relevant posts just now.

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