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Default [26.5] some Prime95 settings reset on their own

I put Prime95 on my mother's laptop (which is on for a few hours each day) three years ago, and it has been running almost without problems ever since. However, some of the settings reset to their defaults on their own last Friday. Specifically, the following happened:
  • The computer name disappeared from the PrimeNet settings
  • The number of hours Prime95 is expected to run per day changed back to 24 (from 8)
  • The allowed memory for P-1 reverted to 8 MB from 768 MB
  • Prime95 registered the computer as a new one

I know that Prime95 will sometimes register a computer as a new one, but I had never seen the other problems before. I checked the log files, and there was no indication of any sort of error. Does anyone know what might have happened?

For the record, the laptop was running version 26.5. I just upgraded to 27.7, although I don't know if it'll help.

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Saw "1" and "4" many times. Never the others. It does not bother me. They may be connected to moving the local.txt around, when the computer ID gets confused. Prime95 tries to detect hardware changes, which can be tricky (quite OEM) on a laptop. It may help you to read undoc.txt about FixedHardwareUID keyword.

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Twice Prime95 created me a new local.txt with default settings.
In both cases it was on a new PC that I copied over the local.txt from another PC and edited it for the new PC. It started with my modified local.txt but when I had to "bounce" Prime95 to change the worktodo then local.txt was made new and I saw many of your symptoms.
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