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Default get all the 5000 biggest primes above 100K digits

Sorry for putting something prime related in the Lounge. I wanted to get it noticed.

If you go to the Prime Pages and look at the list of 5000 biggest primes, numbers from the 1-4061st place on the list are 100,000 digits or more. I propose we start a project whose goal is to make all the top-5000 primes 100,001 digits or more.

I propose, for a short a period of time(until all top-5000 primes are more than 100,000 digits) that people head over to the Twin Prime forum here on Mersenne Forum and do a few numbers to help this goal. Myself, as soon as this message is posted, I'm going to put the projects now running on my Pentium-D on hold until this goal is reached.

Would anyone like to join me?
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I guess you made a mistake there; It should be from 1 to 4601. That is there are about another 400 primes needed to make the top5000 all greater than 100k digits. Twin Prime Search and Primegrid have nearly 1000 primes between them, greater than 100k digits, found in about the last 4 to 5 months. I would guess they will find another 400 in only another couple of months. Plus there are other seekers and teams getting primes above 100k digits. Why not join TPS/PG if your heart is set on speeding up the process?

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