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This is my first experience doing off-board analysis of so much of a game, across every move of the middlegame, and discussing it with others on a team. I'm really enjoying it, [I]especially because your suggestions have compensated for my blind spots[/I], so that we have one of the finest game positions I've ever had the pleasure of playing! It has positive characteristics I don't recall having had in any over-the-board game.

Had I not had your advice, and were playing this game by myself, White would not have gained so much positional advantage as we have now. The move Bf4 puts our dark-square bishop on a fine diagonal where it can express its power. The move 15 advance of e5 went against my grain, and I almost certainly would not have played it if playing alone. Yet that has led to our fine half-open f-file conveniently in front of our castled rook.

Since I'm a novice at posting analysis, I've sometimes not made it clear when I switched from (a) a fairly thorough look at possible moves each time to (b) speculation down just one path without looking at alternatives.
I need to remember to make that transition clear.

For instance:

[QUOTE=cheesehead;369354]< snip >

Extending analysis after [B]23 ... Rxf6 24 Bf4 Ra8[/B]:
< snip >
[B]25 Bc7[/B] If 25 ... Nd5[/QUOTE]I thought that would be a leading candidate for Black to attack the intrusive bishop.[quote]26 Bd6[/quote]This looks like the best evasion -- still menacing squares right around the Black king. So far, I've written the move I thought best for each side.[quote] e5[/quote]That's one obvious way to continue the attack on the bishop. [I]But I didn't explore other, possibly better lines for Black: ... Bf8, or, perhaps best, ... Ra7, using the now-open-for-the-first-time-in-quite-a-while e7 square as an opportunity for the R/a8 to rejoin the action -- or who knows what else[/I]. In other words, I had stopped looking hard for alternatives. I didn't show you any indication that I'd started a speculation down one avenue, abandoning more rigorous analysis of other possibilities. I need to remember to add that. :smile:

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Sure! None of us will play "face to face" the same level as we play here, with days of thinking and more eyes around, to spot our mistakes. That thing with this game being the best position we ever played, you can say it once more. For me, at least, that is true: I never played games so good as this, in ANY other confrontation I had with my friends or other players, over the board.
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