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Default 64 bit intel processor?

I thought intel didn't make a 64 bit processor, but I see this tigerdirect offer. Am I reading this right?
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Google for EM64T

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Most of the more recent Intel P4s and all the Core 2 CPUs
,including the XEON 5100 series (Workstation/Server versions
of the Core 2), have both 32 and 64 bit modes.

Intel calls its 64 bit instructions/mode EM64T,
they are almost identical to AMDs 64 bit instructions
and run the same software and operating systems.

The earlier Core, first generation, are only 32 bit CPUs.

To use the 64 bit instructions requires a 64 bit operating system,
such as Windows XP Pro x64, it runs on x86 CPUs in 64 bit mode,
and also some versions of the upcoming Vista.

AMD's Athlon64 and Opteron CPUs also have both 32 and 64 bit modes,
they are the equivalent of Intel's Core 2 CPUs.

Intel has another 64 bit CPU technology called Itanium,
it is for specific scientific applications and is far more expensive.
It isn't directly compatible with the x86 CPU systems.
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