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Default Microsoft Office 2007 questions

I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 a while ago. However, I have a few questions:

1. The shortcut bar from Office 2000 is still there, but it doesn't work anymore (Office 2003 and later do not have th shortcut bar). Does anyone know if there's a mod that changes the Office 2000 shortcut bar to work with the Office 2007 components? If not, does anyone know of a third-party program that has the same functionality?

2. Does anyone know how to change the Office 2007 tabs to the classic menus? I know there's a program that does this, but surely there's an easier way?

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I am not sure I remember enough about the Office short-cut bar functionalities. An alternative could be the Quick Launch bar, you have it if you have Windows XP or a later version. Right-click on the start bar, Toolbars and check Quick Launch.

As for the menu there is no way to get it back unless you BUY an add-on : it is not free.


[rant]The ribbon interface is dreadful : if you do not have a very wide screen, most of the option will be hidden and the tab needs to expanded before you see them (which means you have have ar least the same need number of mouse actions as with a menu.) Icons are useful if they are easily recognisable, once you have about 200 different icons and a total of about 300 controls in the ribbon this is not the case any more. Some people like the ribbon interface, but most will agree that if you want to use an uncommon feature, you spend much more time looking for it. I had read about rumours that Office 2010 would have an option to show a menu interface again, but looking at the beta version this does not sema to be the case.

It is kind of funny, with almost all applications going the the way of a web interface, and each programmer group using a different kind of interface, I am reminded of the interface confusion that reigned at the time the personal computer started : Lotus 123, WordStar, MS Word, WordPerfect, DBase... all had their own concept of what an interface should be. Then we had something like a rationalisation with the mouse and drop-down menu, now there is a time divergence again.[/rant]
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Are you trying to add the new office 2007 tools icons to your shortcuts bar?

First, if it is locked, unlock it. (there's a think on the bar called "Lock the Taskbar", it may or may not be checked)

Drag the old icons out of the shortcuts bar; drop them on the desktop, later throw them away, or drag them into trash bin right away (same thing).

Now you can drag the new icons onto your shortcuts bar, but where to get them? There are probably other possibilities, but I usually do something like the following without thinking (when I add a new program):
From "Start"//"Programs"//..."Office"//... select the one you want (e.g. Excel 2007), as if you were starting it, but instead click on its icon with your right button and "Send to desktop". Then drag it from the desktop to the shortcuts bar. Repeat for any programs you want to have there (not only the office).

Something like that. When they are on your shortcuts bar, you can rearrange them by dragging, too.

...I hate Windows, but there are some things that one has to do, right?
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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
...I hate Windows, but there are some things that one has to do, right?
Are you a fellow 'nix user?
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