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Default Affinity setting in local.ini

I need to set up a dual core box remotely - at work in africa and left problematic box in montreal.

Setting affinity solved a prime95 error problem found while stress testing. The long distance report was five days and no errors in torture

The easiest way is to copy prime.ini and local.ini from my craptop and rename, such that I get correct id's on my team. Then I'll email my brother to copy and restart prime95. I have everything except affinity settings - are they


????? Can someone check their files?


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Default Affinity settings

Short answer is yes: 0 and 1 fit well for most dualcores. Depending on how you set up your remote configuration (i.e. using the -An switch, or using different directories for your Prime95 executables), you might have to insert your different settings for Affinity= in separate loca000n.ini files (loca0000.ini and loca0001.ini) or in distinct local.ini in each working directory.

There's however a more complete guide either in the wiki or in the readme.txt

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