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Default Core affinity question

I have been running two workers in Prime95 on a Core i3-2100 running under Windows 7, but I am now reducing that to one worker so that I can run one core on Prime95 and the other core doing stage 2 ECM with GMP-ECM on curves that had the first stage 1 run with Prime95. I started both programs, then used the Task Manager to set the affinity to Core 1 and Core 2 for GMP-ECM and to Core 3 and Core 4 for Prime95. (These are "logical cores" under hyper-threading, the Core i3-2100 has only two physical cores.) Both programs show up at 25% core usage, which I understand is normal for computers running hyper-threading, but I wonder if there is a better choice. This is a work computer, and I am not allowed to change the BIOS settings, but is there a simple way to turn off the hyper-threading that would result in increased efficiency? Or is it fine just to let it run as is? Thanks in advance.

I see that this is my 1000th post. I had been trying to avoid this milestone, but every so often I get carried away and post against my better judgment! Last post was 3^3*37, this is 2^3*5^3.

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Originally Posted by philmoore View Post
I see that this is my 1000th post. I had been trying to avoid this milestone...
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Aliquot, maybe?
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