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Jul 2017

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Default Prime95 error accessing files (work, log, backup)

I installed Prime95 yesterday and excitedly began work on a CPU. I was given a job:

[Worker #1]

This morning I came back to find frequent errors in the communication window.
Unable to access back up file.

I tried to stop and continue the job as well as restart my computer. But I cannot continue the job.

[Jul 6 09:59] Worker starting
[Jul 6 09:59] Setting affinity to run worker on any logical CPU.
[Jul 6 09:59] Setting affinity to run helper thread 1 on any logical CPU.
[Jul 6 09:59] Setting affinity to run helper thread 2 on any logical CPU.
[Jul 6 09:59] Setting affinity to run helper thread 3 on any logical CPU.
[Jul 6 09:59] Resuming primality test of M45616783 using AVX FFT length 2400K, Pass1=320, Pass2=7680, 4 threads
[Jul 6 09:59] Iteration: 15812902 / 45616783 [34.66%].
[Jul 6 09:59] Stopping primality test of M45616783 at iteration 15812902 [34.66%]

My communication thread shows what looks like additional work assignments obtained (but not saved to the worktodo.txt)

[Main thread Jul 6 09:59] Mersenne number primality test program version 28.10
[Main thread Jul 6 09:59] Optimizing for CPU architecture: Core i3/i5/i7, L2 cache size: 256 KB, L3 cache size: 6 MB
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Updating computer information on the server
[Main thread Jul 6 09:59] Starting worker.
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Exchanging program options with server
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Exchanging program options with server
[Main thread Jul 6 09:59] Restarting all worker threads.
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Sending expected completion date for M45616783: Jul 08 2017
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Getting assignment from server
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] PrimeNet success code with additional info:
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Server assigned Lucas Lehmer primality double-check work.
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Got assignment 0891442AB44C16C93BEAFF6741339A58: Double check M45712193
[Main thread Jul 6 09:59] Error creating worktodo.txt file
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Visit for help.
[Comm thread Jul 6 09:59] Will try contacting server again in 70 minutes.

My account (through does indeed show 4 total assigments to me:

So I tried to copy and paste these additional 3 into my worktodo.txt file

After Waiting 70 minutes for Prime95 to try reconnecting to the server, I got this notice:
[Comm thread Jul 6 11:09] Updating computer information on the server

However, my account summary indicates the computer was last seen at 2017-07-06 15:09 when I began receiving the errors.

So here I am for assistance, if possible. Thank you all in advance for anything I can try.
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Where did you install the program, and do you have access to read/write files there? For example, some versions of MS Windows don't grant user access to the Program Files folder anymore by default, so the program should be set up somewhere else, like your 'My Documents' folder rather than the Program Files folder.
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Jul 2017

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I installed Prime95 and associated files in a folder called primesearch in MyDocuments on my physical machine, not a network location. The .exe properties indicate I have read write access. I managed to continue the work and after this work assignment is complete in 2 days, I will try reinstalling.
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First observation is that you should not post full assignment keys on a public forum. Some bad guy can "steal" your assignments. Not that this is of any importance, as long as you do not find a prime

When you post assignments, they must look like:


We are not interested in the "blahblah" part, and the server gurus can anyhow access it and verify your words, f they need, but for the large public, that is better to remain unknown. I believe here a mod can edit the post and mask the keys, please.

Second, the "my documents" folder on any (newer than win95 or 98) windoze, is only accessible by you, as long as you are logged in, and the computer is not in some "locked"/"logged out" state. When you log out, the access is gone.

Yo do not need to uninstall/reinstall anything, to solve the problem. Just (1) stop P95, by clicking the "Test" in the left side of the menu bar, then "Exit". Do NOT exit by clicking the red X button in the upper right corner, that may only close the window, but the program remains running in the background. Use Test/Exit. The program will save all temporary work, and properly exit. It takes 1 to 3 seconds, depending on your computer. You will see the activity (CPU occupancy) in Task Manager going down, when P95 closes.

Then (2) move all the folder "primesearch" with all its contents somewhere outside of the System-specific folders (like "windows" or "Program files") and outside of the User-specific folders (like "c:\Users", "c:\Documents and Settings", etc), one very good way is "C:\primesearch" or "D:\primesearch" or whatever.

Then (3) - restart P95.

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Jul 2017

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A bit frustrating. I followed your suggestion on exiting and moving the primesearch folder to C: As some of my work assignments were invalid, I cleaned my worktodo.txt as well as the website assignments.

I am up and running again on a test, resuming work on primality test of M81blaaaaaaah and will let you know if there are any errors in the next 9 days. . I hope my workflow transfers to the next job without hiccups. I did manage to verify M45616783 is not prime (LL test over the weekend). So that was cool.

"Leave no prime behind!"
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Welcome to MersenneForum.


P.S. You may already be lucky.
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