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Default GC_4_409

n: 44735593203455368013457292321310587598015229402228910880250269370420404714500756480164816920559868056101726025956894722487436154893385257223678874474018051363 c6: 1636 c0: 1 skew: 0.291319429044038 type: snfs rlim: 135000000 alim: 135000000 lpbr: 31 lpba: 31 mfbr: 62 mfba: 62 rlambda: 2.7 alambda: 2.7
GC_4_409 wu's are all with errors.

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I stopped wu creation for it and canceled all current wus.

Edit: I relisted it with the correct poly. It was missing the m: line. GC_8_264 had the same issue.

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