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Tomorow I will purchase some items for myself. After purchasing there is an option to send $5 cupon to 5 friends. If anyone wants that cupon, PM me your email address and I will send cupon to you.

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Default Re: Mersenne prime related shirts and other items

Originally posted by edorajh
I set up some Mersenne prime related items at:

Those are items that I wanted to have and can't find anywhere so I set it up myself.

If anyone wants them too, you are more than welcome.
Nah mate, need one that says Mersenne Prime FINDER....
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Small question:

To who or where do the "profits" from these items go?
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There is two possibilities:

1. Products can be purchased without any profit, for base price.

2. Products can be purchased for small profit (e.g. $1 per item), and profit can go wherever is needed - to GIMPS, Mersenne Forum, or somewhere else.

My initial intent was #2.

But maybe #1 is better. I change all prices to base prices, now.

If there is enough interest for #2 possibility, I can change prices to include small profit.

I'm open to any ideas and suggestions.
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Just to update, now the url is and I have over a dozen designs up.

Also, I'm working with another bulletin board site that I post to (for actuaries) and I sell their merchandise for them. I would be more than willing to do the same for GIMPS and/or the GIMPS forum in exchange for a link from the site(s)
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Default mathshirts design

I don't make a habit of flaunting every new design I make, but I really liked this one and wanted to share:

if I didn't get the attach feature, here's a link:
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A recently divorced man said:

Marriage = multiplying.
Divorce = dividing
(the spoils that is)
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