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If I run sr1sieve version 1.4.5
sr1sieve_1.4.5-x86_64-linux -P 15257050000000000 -i in -o out -f factor1.txt)

I get an out file with this format:
92 1400033
92 1400035
92 1400045
92 1400068
92 1400075
If I run version 1.4.7
sr1sieve_1.4.7_aarch64 -P 15257050000000000 -i in -o out -f factor1.txt
I get an out file with this format:
ABCD 92*10^$a-1 [1400033] // Sieved to 15257500000000000
How to get in 1.4.7 the same output format as in 1.4.5?
Background is that I run a task on different hosts and compare the results afterwards to ensure valid results.
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You may have some options (was it -w or -G? I don't recall) to convert file formats, or you also can call srfile after the run, to convert to pfgw format, or newpgen format, or any format.

edit: I only have 1.4.5 here, you can call "srfile -g second_file" to get the "first_file" (i.e. convert from abc format to newpgen format). For details, see "srfile -h" and "sr1sieve -h".

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