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Default Understanding assignment rules

Came across a new thing today, and just looking to further understand it.

It have a machine doing lower first time LL tests. It recently checked 67842707, only to find after completion that it was really a double check because it had already been completed by someone in Nov of 1995. What happened here?

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You mean 2015, not 1995.

Most likely the previous result had a 'bad' error code. The number would have then been marked as available for a First time check again. Test with bad error codes are far less likely to match other exponents. There is a good reason for this. Someone else ran across this recently too. Rather than have a bad test make us miss a new Prime until we get to that range as a DC, those with 'bad' error codes are rerun soon.
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*Ninja'd by Uncwilly*

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Yep, I've also got one of those in progress, M68844197.
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