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Default Prime95 log file size limit?

According to undoc.txt, Prime95 log files are limited to 250 kb by default. I've never touched the MaxLogFileSize=n option, yet my prime.log file is 943 kb and growing. Nevertheless, the file does say "Prior log file entries removed" at the beginning, and all of the entries prior to June 22, 2009 are gone.

Anyone know what's going on?
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Originally Posted by ixfd64 View Post
According to undoc.txt, Prime95 log files are limited to 250 kb by default.
Undoc.txt is outdated in many parts.
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Undoc.txt is, you know, about undoc'd features (says Capt.Obvious).
I would read the source. But I am too lazy and will leave it to you.
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In version 26 the limit is 2MB and undoc.txt is correct.
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