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Default a new primality testing method

There's a new primality testing method coming out(no, I'm not going to tell you who's releasing it)(oh, and no, it doesn't involve cochet), but I only have two pieces of knowledge regarding it.

One is that it involves the golden ratio, and the other is that, for the equation k*b^n+c, it can handle any c value as long as |c|<b

Other than that, I have no clue about the method, except that,"it is as easy to do and understand as tying your shoelaces." There's another clue, either in my PMs from Free-DC, Mersenne Forum, #rieselsieve logs(on or a combination.

I think I may be able to track down one or two more clues, but I'm about to go out to eat with my family, so it'll be about 2-6 hours from now.

Oh, yeah, it involves the maker of a program that was, and to a certain extent still is, used to help the major prime-finding projects. That person has posted on Mersenne Forum recently, helping me out with my computer as a matter of fact, but I don't think their post count is very high.
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And what we supposed to make of a teaser like that? This isn't a movie release, Jason. No need to drum up interest in advance. Let us know when there's actual information about this new method. I believe I speak for most here whan I say that we've seen rather enough of vague claims of new primality testing methods.

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