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Default The Official "Lost Exponents???" Thread

Here's what I did:

I back up all the necessary Prime95 files manually, every 10 days or so but especially right before a result is finished. Two months ago, I found this very random folder which I used the very first time to back up my Prime files and eventually forgot about. I noticed there were three mersennes in its worktodo.ini file that I somehow didn't transfer to my new worktodo.ini file. (Forget why I had to do that to begin with...)

So what I did was I transfered the three mersennes to my new worktodo file. Now one of those old mersennes was 3370####, and I know that for the past YEAR I was being assigned mersennes in the 3379#### to 3419#### range. That makes me think that this 3370#### prime had at some point definitely been reassigned to someone. HOWEVER.... one of the three mersennes that I transferred to my new worktodo file did get automatically deleted because it didn't belong to me.

So I need advice on what I should do. I don't want to steal someone else's work, and I don't want my work to disappear on me either.
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On the PrimeNet page at, near the bottom is a link to "Hourly World Test Status, Assignment Report" at (Note: It's currently over 10 MB in size.) This would show whether those three exponents were currently assigned for either TF or LL, and to whom.

If one or more is still assigned to you, just use your save file to continue from where you left off, perhaps forcing a status report to PrimeNet a short time after you resume, in order to get back in assignment synchronization there.

If one or more is now assigned to someone else, then you could still contribute by continuing the L-L from where you left off. PrimeNet will treat your work as a doublecheck, and give you that credit when you report completion. That would save GIMPS the work some other doublechecker would have to do to get up to where you left off. It wouldn't be stealing someone else's work.

If one or more is not on the assignment list, then check the "Hourly World Test Status, Cleared Exponents Report" at If it's listed there, then someone else has already completed the L-L test.
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