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Default Expiry date?

Is there a date/time in which the number to be tested at the latest must be tested by the computer? Does my Mersenne number have a best-before date? I know that I must "say hello" all 60 days with the server. But, in addition, is not known to me whether there is a deadline, maybe one year?
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As long as you check in before it expires it will renew
your Mersenne number reservation with a new 60 days
(really 60 with 60 overdue days).
Some (very few) have been going for years.
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Exclamation Too many expiry dates

The 60 day expiry date is too less. It also makes the expected completed date a useless piece of data.

I just got caught in a very bad situation. My exponent was supposed to finish in late June - starting from November 2004. I use a dial-up connection and I am offline most of the time.

In February, I decided to Quit GIMPS. But I chose to complete the exponent that I was assigned. At that time, the expected completion date was the last week of June. In addition to Quiting GIMPS, I unticked "Use Primenet", knowing that I have until late June to refresh my completion date.

I just completed the exponent few hours back, only to find that it was allocated to another person just 5 days back. I learnt about the 60 days refresh only today.

Since 60 days is an important variable, I suggest that it be put in the Status window of the program. I never thought this 60 day thing was that important. Since my expected completion date was well within limits, I thought I was safe.

Developers: Please change the network to take the expected date of completion into account and not just an arbitary value of 60 days.

If a person does not submit any update about the exponent after the expected completion date has passed, it may indicate abandonement of the exponent. But within this period, he/she may have been working, but merely offline.

I do not want to lose credit for my work and neither do I want someone else to work on the same exponent only to find that it is not prime.
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Please find my reply posted here The 60 day limit is evry prominently posted everywhere. A quick glance at the readme.txt would have been sufficient.
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